A letter to Quaid

Dear Quaid,
I am sorry. We are sorry for we have failed. We are devastated. Doomed. Trapped in a quagmire, getting out of which seems hardly possible. Things have changed since you left. Pakistan is not what it used to be. Pakistan is not what you founded it to be. Pakistan is not ‘the land of the pure’ anymore. In fact, this phrase, land-of-the-pure, seems rather ironical when associated with Pakistan.

Our system is no longer a pristine, pellucid sea; it is adulterated with contaminations so jeopardous like corruption, nepotism and fraud. Our institutions have tarnished reputations. Plundering police. Greedy Government. Misleading media.

Terrorism has spread in the country like a wild, unquenchable fire. Every year thousands of innocent lives are extinguished just because of it. We are being ruled by cruel, cold-blooded demons that have insatiable craving and unquenchable avarice for loot and plunder. They carry no care, no compassion for us people.

Our coffers are void and we are deluged in deep waters of debt which are pushing this already-broken boat to the brink of doom.
And nature is not with us anymore. Nature is afflicting us with deadly panoply of calamitous earthquakes, deadly droughts, savage storms and ferocious floods.

And above all, we are not even Pakistanis anymore. We are Punjabis. Sindhis. Balochis. Pakhtoons. But not Pakistanis. Not Pakistanis. It’s sad and it hurts, but it is truth.

But, no dear Quaid no, we have not accepted defeat. We haven’t lost hope for there are still people amongst us, people like Malala yousafzai, people like Abdul Sattar Edhi, people like Imran Khan, people with relentless resolve, people with unfaltering faith, people who believe that one day somehow, anyhow, we will extricate ourselves from all these dilemmas and quagmires and stand out as one, true, united nation as we stood sixty-seven years ago.



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